What is a Destination Wedding Site Inspection?

Couples would never choose a local venue without checking it out first and that’s exactly how feel about Destination Weddings! Visiting your chosen resort (or a few different resorts) can really help you get an idea of what you and your guests can expect for your Destination Wedding. You can tour the resort, meet the on-site wedding coordinator, visit the ceremony and reception venues and really fall in love at first site!


How far in advance should we start planning a Destination Wedding?

Most couples start the planning process 12-18 months in advance, but we’ve planned Destination Weddings in much shorter timelines as well.


Do you offer free consultations?

Although we are fans of the show married at first sight, we totally get that the concept isn’t for everyone. This is how we feel about working with our couples. We work with our wedding couples for one or two years, so it’s important that we both feel comfortable and excited about the relationship we will share going forward. We have an initial meeting (Our First Date) with potential couples to discuss their wedding needs, what services we provide and how we can best help them realize their Destination Wedding dreams. We don’t want to toot our own horn (but toot toot), we do find many of our couples do fall in love at first site with us! (See what we did there 😊)


How much does a Destination Wedding cost?

Just like weddings at home, the costs of Destination Weddings vary according to the couple’s wedding wishes. On average, Destination Wedding budgets usually fall within $5000-$15000, but some couples spend more or less than that. Ultimately, a Destination Wedding will usually be more cost effective than a local wedding.


Why do we need a Destination Wedding Planner if we’re getting married at a resort?

An on-site wedding coordinator will look after all the items you have requested to have at your wedding but our Destination Wedding Designers (DWD) will make sure your entire wedding EXPERIENCE is one of a kind. We help you bring those wedding dreams to life by creating the vision and feel you want to share with your loved ones. Our years of experience and professional contacts will make your planning life much easier. We spend every day perfecting our skill set as DWD so you don’t have to. We are sure you already have so many things you are amazing at, let us be amazing at bringing your dreams to life!